Vic's Reports

Vic's Reports

Vic Armijo is a veteran RAAM Journalist and covers the front of the race in Media 1
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Pedal for Pets makes the 3rd all-women's 8-Person Team in RAAM history. With ages ranging from 41-51 years old, these women have a variety of backgrounds. In addition to their athletic achievements with a handful of Ironman triathlon finishes and marathons, their career accomplishments are impressive.

Seen here on the infamous Mingus Mountain climb in Arizona is a member of Marines4Warriors, the 4-rider male under 50 team that’s currently in 7th place. The team came about after retired Marine John Bandy happened to hear a radio program mention that RAAM was finishing nearby in Annapolis.

This morning has been eventful for Marko Baloh (Slovenia), who for the past several time stations has been riding in third place. This morning he got by Mark Pattinson (UK) to take over second, only to later get re-passed by Pattinson. RAAM veteran Baloh has successfully overcome his share of issues this year.

Out in front in RAAM 4-rider under 50 competition is Team Working Nation USA - formerly Team Live Earth Powered by Fight Meso , made up of Kurt Broadhag (pictured), Phil Tinstman, Chris DeMarchi and Anthony Restuccia, the same foursome that won last year as Team Live Earth—Road to Paris.

Fear not RAAM fans, despite what you see on the live tracker Pierre Bischoff is NOT off course.

Fun fact: by riding 25.5 hrs without a break, Seana Hogan has clawed back 74 miles from Nicole Reist. Nicole was 204 miles ahead when Seana finally managed to overcome her altitude horror.

Since Oceanside much has happened to RAAM rookie Ralph “Dizzy” Diseviscourt, the RAAM rookie who won Tortour 2015. He briefly led the race oh-so-long ago in Arizona, but reportedly later suffered from the heat, the altitude of the Rockies and perhaps most significantly, saddle-sores.

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