Vic's Reports

Vic's Reports

Vic Armijo is a veteran RAAM Journalist and covers the front of the race in Media 1
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The youngest rider in RAAM 2016, Aske Soby (Denmark) ended his race early this morning shortly after crossing the Missouri State line.

Karen Buxton of Team Tri For Hospice anxiously awaits her teammate for their next transition. Their team is currently in 3rd place in the 4-rider mixed category.

How did Mark Herbst (Canada) and his crew solve the issue of a classic case of Shermer’s Neck? By cobbling together as fine an example of a PVC-framed head support as we’ve seen so often over the years. Nice job guys.

Tim Veremans (Belgium) is celebrating his 37th birthday by holding onto 9th place in the under 50 solo men’s category. He’s currently on his way to famed time station #32 in Camdenton, Missouri.

Bringing up the rear in the men’s under 50 age category is Ricardo Arap (Brazil) He’s been through Montezuma, Kansas and is on his way to Greensberg with more than 1,445 miles between him and Oceanside. 

The 8-rider team of Katrin Bartels, Kathrin Schlieter, Philippa Bartels, Roland Holz, David Pancke, Mathias Dangl, Andreas Winter and Torsten Bierwischhas been past Alamosa and is now enjoying the gloriously beautiful section leading to LaVeta. The team’s

Paul Millar of Coast 2 Coast is seen here yesterday morning riding through Monument Valley. Coast 2 Coast is a 2-rider mixed team consisting of Millar and Hannah Spence. This duo is ahead of not just the other teams in their category, but all of the other 2-riders as well.

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