Vic's Reports

Vic's Reports

Vic Armijo is a veteran RAAM Journalist and covers the front of the race in Media 1
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The 8-riders on the James Hardie-USA team started today in 8th, but moved up two positions through the day. They’re now between Jefferson City and Washington, Missouri. The team is supported by James Hardie Industries Ltd., an industrial building materials company. And just a the company is international, so too is the team, with 6 Americans and 2 Australians.

Kari Rouvinen (Finland) is having a bit of a grudge match with RAAM. Taking a DNF in Cottonwood, Arizona last year after suffering through nearly 500 miles of desert heat didn’t sit well with the 56 year old who quit his IT job to train and prepare for RAAM.

It’s been several years since we’ve seen a tandem team in RAAM. So it’s refreshing to see Team Skipper this year.Tim Skipper, organizer of the 4-tandem team is working toward a different kind of record. Skipper has been on four record setting teams and he is trying for a fifth.

Gerhard Gulewicz’ 11th consecutive RAAM has ended in Greenville, Illinois. When RAAM Media One found his van parked in a cornfield about ten miles east of Greenville his crew was standing outside and told us that he was sleeping inside.

Seen here this morning in Monument Valley is a member of Team Joely Bug. The team is setting a fast pace and is ahead of the other four teams in the 4-rider age 50-59 category.

After being stopped in Pagosa Springs with suspected edema and then getting back on course 17 hours later, RAAM’s 2015 2nd place male solo David Haase (USA) has been ripping up the course.

It’s always sad to learn of any rider’s RAAM end prematurely. But to see “DNF” on the RAAM Leaderboard next to Stefan Schlegel’s name is especially sad; he’s such a nice and positive guy and after his impressive fifth place finish in RAAM 2014 after his horrific crash on the first day, we had high hopes for him.

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