Vic's Reports

Vic's Reports

Vic Armijo is a veteran RAAM Journalist and covers the front of the race in Media 1
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Team Working Nation USA (formerly Team Live

Earth Powered by Fight Meso , made up of Kurt Broadhag, Phil Tinstman, Chris DeMarchi and Anthony Restuccia, the same foursome that won last year as Team Live Earth—Road to Paris) continues to lead not only the other 4-rider teams, but all of the 8-rider teams as well. The 8 riders of Team DMS (Kyle Wood, Joe Marinucci, Joseph Lebaron, Andrew Kalley, Luke Tuddenham, David Bentley, Dave Nottoli and Fernando Borghese) are currently just about 11 miles behind Team Working Nation as the two teams near time station #44 in Athens, Ohio.

Martin Gruebele (USA) had spent most of the race well behind long-time leader Palle Nielsen (Denmark). But somewhere between Blanchester and Chillicothe, Ohio Gruebele passed Nielsen and has since opened up 108-mile lead.

No one who’s ever been on the RAAM will fail to recognize where this shot of Kurt Lorch of Bike The US For MS was taken. Lorch is a member of the 8-rider team Bike The US for MS which is doing RAAM to raise awareness and fund the search for a cure for multiple sclerosis.

Mid-day today RAAM Media One caught third place Marko Baloh in West Virginia on Highway 50 as he climbed and descended the many hills that lead to Clarksburg. He looked his usual calm self and greeted us with a slight smile and wave.

Dave Haase (USA) has gotten by Marko Baloh (Slovenia) to take over third place. Maybe taking a 17-hour break in Pagosa Springs will become a popular tactic in future RAAM’s!

Just after sunset this evening RAAM Media One caught up to RAAM leader Pierre Bischoff (Germany) in the small colonial town of Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. Moments for closing in on the 31 year old RAAM rookie we saw fans standing in front of their homes looking at their phones to see the photos they’d taken moments before.

RAAM Rookie Pierre Bischoff (Germany) continues to lead the male solo under 50 field and continues to have a good time doing so. He’s currently between Chillicothe, Ohio and Athens, Ohio where scattered thundershowers are expected throughout the day.

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