Vic's Reports

Vic's Reports

Vic Armijo is a veteran RAAM Journalist and covers the front of the race in Media 1
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Taking third in 8-rider relay in RAAM 2016 is Team VeloRunners, a fun-loving band of riders who finished this evening here in Annapolis 6 days, 7 hours and 36 minutes after they rolled out of Oceanside. Their average speed for the 3,069-mile journey was 20.25 mph.

The winning team in this year’s RAAM 4-rider competition is Team Working Nation USA - formerly Team Live Earth Powered by Fight Meso , made up of Kurt Broadhag, Phil Tinstman, Chris DeMarchi and Anthony Restuccia, the same foursome that won last year as Team Live Earth—Road to Paris.

Dave Haase (USA) continues to amaze with the comeback story of this 35th edition of RAAM. After stopping in Pagosa Springs, Colorado to deal with respiratory concerns and getting back on course 17 hours later in 10th place, the RAAM veteran has made his way through the field to put himself in second place yesterday. He’s continued in the runner-up position and is currently about 117 miles behind race leader Pierre Bischoff.

Prior to the start of this 35th RAAM many fans had their predictions of who would be in contention for the win. While they all had their favorites, few (if any!) choose rookie Pierre Bischoff as a likely winner; least of all Bischoff himself who today at the finish, when asked if he’d come to the US thinking he would win, replied, “To finish? Yes. To win? No. This was a lifetime goal and I wanted to do this race to be an honest person, because many people did not believe that I would really do it. And now I have finished the Race Across America.”

While they’re riding at the tail end of the 8-rider teams, Team Endeavor of the UK are still standouts in RAAM 2016.The team’s mission statement is: “Team Endeavour raises money and awareness for children and families of the Armed Forces who are suffering through Illness, Hardship and Poverty.” Their cause is near and dear to them—most team members served in the UK military.

The upper image is the radar map from the Weather Channel, the lower one shows the positions of the front of the field. That weather cell is moving eastward (see the moving forecast here:…/radar/interactive/l/USPA0604:1:US).

Just 33 miles separates men’s 60-69 age category leader Valerio Zamboni (Monaco) from 2nd place Marshall Reeves (USA). Zamboni has been in and out of Effingham, Illinois while Reeves is still about 25 miles from that time station.

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