Vic's Reports

Vic's Reports

Vic Armijo is a veteran RAAM Journalist and covers the front of the race in Media 1
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When Robert Ferris isn’t busy working as a product manager for MicroMotion in Boulder, Colorado he’s busy preparing for this year’s RAAM. “I’ve been in the endurance realm for 10-12 years,” he explained in a recent phone chat.

The miles before the climb to the RAAM's highest point (the 10,857 foot summit of Wolf Creek Pass) are some of the most beautiful on the route. Rock formations, alpine lakes, idyllic farms scenes and grazing horses all offer diversions from the current suffering--and the worst of it that lies ahead.

With still about 100 days before their departure from Oceanside, Team Endeavor, an 8-rider RAAM team out of the UK has already shown themselves to be standouts.

Few UltraCyclists have a passion for RAAM as deep as Ricardo Arap. The Brazilian made his first RAAM appearance in 1998 as a member of 2-rider team with fellow Brazilian and Ironman triathlete, Alexandre Ribeiro.

When Mark Pattinson finished second in RAAM 2014 (9 days, 2 hours and 50 minutes, his fastest RAAM finish ever) he said, “This probably is my last one.

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