Vic's Reports

Vic's Reports

Vic Armijo is a veteran RAAM Journalist and covers the front of the race in Media 1
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Ed Garrison, who races under the team name “Garrison’s Gorillas,” has been around RAW and RAAM for several years. “I attempted RAW in 2011, but medical issues forced me to drop out in Prescott, AZ,” he wrote on his RAAM Bio.

If there was a trophy to the racer who had the most fun on RAAM my vote for 2016 would be to award it to rookie Robert Ferris (USA) who took 5th in men’s under 50 in a time of 10 days, 21 hours and 43 minutes (11.73 mph average).

While Ralph “Dizzy” Diseviscourt (Luxembourg) may not have won RAAM 2016, as some had predicted he might, he did show that he has admirable speed and eventually finished 4th after overcoming some tough days in Colorado.

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The Armed Forces Cup is given annually to the fastest team representing the armed forces. It’s open to any team divison but all racers must be current or former members of the armed forces.

The Queen of the Prairies trophy is awarded to the fastest solo female with the lowest cumulative time over three predetermined flat sections. This year’s prize went to RAAM legend Seana Hogan.

The Lanterne Rouge is the competitor in last place in a cycling race. The phrase comes from the French for "Red Lantern" and refers to the red lantern hung on the rear car of a railway train. This year’s award went to Marshall Reeves,

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