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The surprise rookie of this 35th edition of RAAM, Pierre Bischoff (Germany), continues to amaze. The 31 year old has logged 1,060 miles so far, has been up and over Wolf Creek Pass, which at 10,857 feet is the highest point on the RAAM course. Bischoff has been through South Fork, Colorado and is now pedaling to Alamosa. 

Yesterday evening, just after sunset when RAAM Media One pulled alongside of him outside of Durango the RAAM rookie revealed that this will likely be his “one and only RAAM.” He went on to explain, “I’m 31; racing age 32. It’s time to start being more of an adult,” Which is disappointing news to his new RAAM fans who have grown fond of his casual and fun attitude. It’s a surprise to the young German to find himself so far out in front (he currently has a 70-mile advantage over 2nd place Marko Baloh) since according to him he’s only riding at his planned pace. “This speed, it is fine for me,” he said and went on to explain that he’s friend with RAAM 2015 winner Severin Zotter and 3-time RAAM winner Christoph Strasser who have recognized Bischoff’s ability and have instilled him with confidence.

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