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While RAAM’s only 6-time winner Seana Hogan (USA) is the sole entrant in the women’s age 50-59 category that doesn’t mean that she's content to just pedal along in this her 11th RAAM. For one she wants to break the record for her age category, (9.83 mph, set by Kathy Roche-Wallace in 2011), and she’d really like to make it to Annapolis before the two women in the under 50 age category. And yesterday she said that she feels that a nine and half day finish is possible, but she’d be happy with a ten and a half day finish. So far Hogan is on track for all of her goals. She’s ridden about 645 miles thus far, while under 50 age category racer Nicole Reist‘s (Switzerland) 570 miles has her leading Juliana Buhring (Germany) who is pedaling 30 miles behind in second.


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