Returning Racer David Haase Could Become First American Since 2003 to Win.

OCEANSIDE, CA  (May 25, 2016 ) — Race Across America (RAAM), the world’s most iconic ultra-cycling race, continues to draw racers from around the globe.  In its long standing tradition, racers from around the globe, both veterans and first timers, will be competing to see who will be the first to complete the 3,000-mile, Pacific to Atlantic crossing.  

 In this year’s solo women’s field 6-time RAAM winner Seana Hogan (USA) will be leading the charge.  Two first-time racers with strong palmares, Juliana Buhring (GER) and Nicole Reist (SUI) have their sights set on becoming RAAM champion, making it a race to watch.

 When asked about racing RAAM for the first time, Juliana Buhring, who holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the first and fastest woman to cycle around the world, had this to say, “I have no real expectations, because that is the surest way to ruin a new experience. I will go as hard as I can and take my body as far as I can.”

 Buhring, who is used to self-supporting, will be racing with a support crew.  She explained, “It will be interesting for me to not have to find my own food and water and carry all my gear and tool kit. I’ll be able to go quite a bit farther and faster than I’m used to. It’s going to be fun!”

 Recently Swiss women have done very well in RAAM.  Trxi Zgraggen won in 2012 and Isabelle Pulver in 2015.  Nicole Reist hopes to become the third Swiss RAAM champion.  All three have posted big wins in European ultra-racing before taking on RAAM.

 In the solo men’s field there will be a new champion.  Record holder and 3-time winner Christoph Strasser (AUT) is recovering from an injury.  With a strong men’s field, this year’s race will be hotly contested.

 Returning racer David Haase (USA) has his sights set on becoming RAAM champion.  Haase has raced RAAM five times, with four finishes.  After finishing second last year he said with a smile, “I’m looking forward to coming back in 2016. The game isn’t over because I haven’t won yet.  I have come a long way. I’ve improved every year.   I have an experienced team to guide me, to race as fast as my engine let's me go. I can't wait to get to the start line in Oceanside.” 

 Haase added, “Doing the work, training, getting sponsors, crew, and putting together all of the logistics is the hardest part of the race, but I love it. Straddling the bike at the start line, being introduced, hearing the sound of people cheering you on, that is what it is all about.  The easy part is riding.  Racing the perfect race, that is what matters.”

Haase hopes to become the first American winner since Allen Larsen in 2003.

 Other top contenders for the men’s solo win are RAAM veterans Mark Pattinson (UK) with four finishes, three of which were second place, Marko Baloh (SLO) with four finishes, including two second place and two third place, Gerhard Gulewicz (AUT) with five finishes, including two second place and two third place, and Stefan Schlegel (GER) and Aske Sobe (DEN), both with top ten finishes.  Also, Ralph Diseviscourt (LUX), with several European ultra-race wins, and Dan Nielsen (DEN) are in the hunt.  But RAAM is a very tough, very long race, where any number of things could go wrong, foiling the best of plans and giving every racer a shot at a win.

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Live tracking of this year’s race will be available through Trackleaders with links on the RAAM website http://www.raceacrossamerica.org/live-tracking.html.

 More About RAAM

RAAM and SOUL EVENTS are world leaders in the sport of endurance bicycle racing.  The team is responsible for the Race Across America (RAAM), the world’s premier ultra-endurance bicycle race, a 3000-mile coast-to-coast race across the USA, as well as the Race Across the West (RAW), an 860-mile race across the Western US, the RAAM Cycling Challenge Series, and the 6-12-24 Hour Endurance Time Trail World Championships.  In addition, they offer seminars on endurance bicycle racing and sanction endurance races worldwide.


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