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While many RAAM and RAW racers tend toward a mostly liquid diet during their race, there’s something physically (and mentally) satisfying about some solid food during the course of the day’s miles. The challenge is eating something solid while sticking to ultra-cycling’s three most important rules to success;

#1. Stay on the bike. #2. Stay on the bike. And #3. Stay on the bike.

On the left is Chris Ragsdale enjoying a breakfast burrito as he approaches Wolf Creek Pass. Burritos and wraps are a common ways to put together a rider’s favorite ingredients in a form that’s easy to eat on the bike. But crews need to be careful when serving a hot burrito—we once saw a microwave heated burrito get flung down the road when a rider burned his mouth on molten cheese.

On the right is Gerhard Gulewicz with a bowl of muesli wedged between his aero-bars. We’ve seen a few riders carry a bowl this way and it’s a handy way to eat other things too like trail mix, cut-up fruit, pasta salad, oatmeal, etc.

Long-time RAAM fans will remember RAAM 1985 and the ABC footage of that year’s winner Jonathon Boyer rolling down the road riding no-handed while shoveling spaghetti into his face from a Frisbee.

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