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Last night at the first of our three awards banquets men’s solo under 50 age category winner Pierre Bischoff took home quite a haul of awards. He was of course presented with his first place plaque for winning his age category,

he was presented with the Rookie of the Year Award (obviously!), he also received this year’s Penseyres Award which is given to the fastest solo male finisher; this award honors Pete Penseyres who held the solo male RAAM speed record for more than two decades. And lastly he earned the award that he was anxiously watching the leader board over, the Jure Robic Award presented to the fastest solo racer, male or female, over the most difficult segment of the RAAM route. The award honors 5-time solo male RAAM winner, Jure Robic. Presently, that segment is: TS 48 – Cumberland, MD to TS 49 – Hancock, MD. Bischoff completed that oh-so-hilly section with an average speed of 16.88 mph. Only a few of the teams completed TS48 to TS49 faster than Bischoff and the next fastest solo was Robert Ferris at 12.56 mph.

Bischoff asked to say a few words at last night’s gathering; “Everyone sees the reports and the media of the fun I am having with my crew and the media and the people on the road. But there were times when it was not so fun. I was crying and said, ‘oh, I won’t go on.’ This race is really hard. So don’t believe that it is just a holiday. I will thank all every one of the participants, everyone who goes to the start of Race Across America has reached so, so much. To reach the finish line is just an add-on. To get the feelings you get when you go to the start and then reach the points during the race and then get to the finish line, these are feeling that you will keep for all your life. “

“Keep Smiling! Thanks a lot.”

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