This shot of Luke Burbach reaching the 10,856-foot elevation at the top of Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado was taken yesterday evening, yet this 4-rider team that’s currently 3rd in the under 50 age category is today already through time station #24 in Montezuma, Kansas—next stop, Greensburg.

The team consists of Burbach, Jake Burbach, Aubrey Aldy and Justin Ruzicka

This excerpt from a team member that appears on their website best explains what this team is all about: “As our team sat around the coffee bar at Bike Bistro we were going through all sorts of causes and non-profit organizations we could help raise money and awareness for; ideas from Childhood Obesity to Cancer Awareness, were thrown on the table. Then one of the team members thought about Wounded Warrior Project and operation Home Front. Our team member Aubrey said, “that really hits home with me,” as he served our Country for 8 years in the military, 5 of those years were as a combat medic. It hit home to myself as my father served in Vietnam and my grandfather served in WWII. We began to ponder that military service probably hits more hearts and homes in America than any other aspect in life. With this in mind it seemed fitting to our team to ride for these wonderful organizations. If you don’t already know the awesome job Wounded Warrior Project and Operation Home Front is doing, we hope through our posts, our pictures and our time spent with our local chapter here in Southwest Florida you will began to see all the good it is doing in the hearts and minds of tens of thousands of Wounded Veterans. These men and women have given up more than any other Veteran has on the battle field and we couldn’t begin to say thank you!

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