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Taking third in 8-rider relay in RAAM 2016 is Team VeloRunners, a fun-loving band of riders who finished this evening here in Annapolis 6 days, 7 hours and 36 minutes after they rolled out of Oceanside. Their average speed for the 3,069-mile journey was 20.25 mph.

While they may not have won it’s obvious that they had a ton of fun on RAAM. On the finish stage they told of accidently leaving team member Colin Ingram behind at a gas station and taking an hour to realize he was missing. Taking selfies was another source of amusement on the route and on the stage. During their journey the riders received family visits on the route; Daniel Greenhalgh saw his daughter in Arizona, crew member Amanda Kenny's parents came out to cheer the team in Missouri, and Ingram’s family and dad made appearances as well.

A big RAAM congratulations to riders Greenhalgh, Ingram, Kristopher Hartner, Robb Finegan, Jim Kwasnicki, Matt Helbig, Keith Kelly and Brian Laiderman.



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