• Isabelle Pulver takes 1st in women 10 d 21 h 7 m

  • Severin Zotter wins RAAM in 8 d 8 h 17 m

  • Teams are crossing the finish line.

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By Vic Armijo

Pagosa Springs, CO.

June 19, 2015

Positions among the top five remain mostly the same with the exception of RAAM veteran Dave Haase moving up to fourth, relegating rookie Adam Bickett to fifth. Our leader Christoph Strasser made it over Wolf Creek Pass last night, as did second place Severin Zotter and third place Gerhard Gulewicz. Haase is currently laboring his way up to the 10,856 summit. We had anticipated that in the next hour Bickett would arrive in Pagosa Springs, the gateway to Wolf Creek Pass, but it seems he’s currently stopped. Media One will wait here for either Bickett or the next expected rider Peter Sandholt and will capture video and photos of their ascents. Watch for those images to be posted here by this evening—possibly sooner.



Okay, here's the eye witness report; Severin Zotter was the first to arrive here in Congress, AZ some 15 minutes ago. His crew and Christoph Strasser's crew report that Strasser is about 30 minutes behind with Gerhard Gulewicz in third to make it an Austrian trio at the front of RAAM.



Though she was away from the sport for well over a decade Seana Hogan knew 20 years ago that she wanted to some day have the record in the age 50-59 category. While she's been working at the goal since 2011 her quest has been thwarted by a DNF in her 2013 attempt and by problems associated with a knee injury. This year she's looking fit and confident and the smart money is on her reaching her goal this time.